2020 — School Project

2020 — School Project
Saving Coral

An awareness campaign about the environmental impacts of air travel

An educational website to spread awareness for global coral bleaching.



After a 6 week trip through the US by train I wanted to do a campaign promoting alternative ways of long-distance traveling other than air travel. Considering that an increasing amount of young people like to spend their holidays further from their homes than ever, it is very important to be aware of the environmental impact of planes. The design and advertising channels were specifically chosen to target the young, urban demographic that will do the most long-distance trips in the future.  For more, see the Strategy and Brand Guide.



For the design, I wanted to move away from the stereotypical green and yellow of most sustainable brands and campaigns to appeal to my demographic, using bold and bright contrasting colors. For the typography, I was inspired by popular brands amongst young people and went for an extended typeface to go with the theme of trains and traveling. I took all photos myself and edited them in a similar way to famous travel Instagram pages.


For the website, I wanted to create a short yet informative page where people that are interested in learning more about the problems with air travel. To make it easily digestible, I especially focused on creating telling infographics comparing the footprint of flights to other means of travel. I also made sure it would be easy to share with others and included a flight free pledge for people that want to make an impact.

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