Hello, I am Jonathan, a interaction designer, front-end developer and digital artist. A research and user centered approach is key to my work, striving to communicate rather than decorate.

I am a multidiscplinary visual artist from Munich, Germany, currently based in Paris. Working with different media, from coding to photography, I strive to create meaninful engagements, to communicate rather than decorate.


Graduating with a BFA in Art, Media and Technology at Parsons Paris in May 2021, I am currently working as a freelance visual and web designer and front-end developer and looking for full-time UI/UX design positions in Germany (or remote).  If you are interested in working with me or just want to have a chat, please contact me via email and LinkedIn. If you want to know more about me, have a look at my LinkedIn and résumé. Interested in working with me or just want to have a chat? jonathanriese@gmail.com


I have always been intrigued with design for its ability to create impactful products for many people. Starting out with a more traditional graphic design education at a Bootcamp at Shillington College Brisbane and as an Intern at MoreSleep, I have increasingly specialized in designing digital products. Especially during my studies abroad in San Francisco, I heavily focused on user experience design and ergonomics, helping me develop a strong foundation in human-centered design thinking with a focus on research and user feedback.

web development

Throughout my art and design journey, I have always been interested in better understanding the technical side behind my design and being able to create my own tools and art pieces. As a mostly self-taught developer, I am eager to learn more every day, leading me to organize and teach a Code Club at my school. Having developed Wordpress, Woocommerce and Shopify themes as a freelancer, I am currently teaching myself to develop Jamstack applications with React, Gatsby/Next and headless CMS.

about me

I enjoy working and experimenting with all kinds of forms of creative expression, from filmmaking to Virtual Reality and physical product design. In my art practice, I mostly work with moving image and web art. Most of work my work is centered around the relationship between humans, nature and technology; for my thesis project, I created an artwork and conducted research on the effects of digital nature on people in isolation. This work was installed at the exhibition Far Away (Yet Still Here) at Fondation Fiminco, Paris. Outside my creative work, I love to be outdoors climbing, hiking, surfing or taking photos.


UI/UX Design
Web Design
Web Development
Art Direction
Project Management
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design


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© Jonathan Riese 2021

© Jonathan Riese 2021