2021 — Thesis Project
Missing Blue

A short film on human longing for nature in times of isolation

A short film on human longing for nature in times of isolation


Missing Blue (working title) explores our connection and longing for nature in a world increasingly removed from our natural environment. The project has followed me during my quarantine experiences for months, where almost my entire life took place in one and the same room. During this time in isolation, I attempted to transform my living space into the environments I longed for with the limited means available to me, using digital and artificial tools as a means to reconnect to nature out of necessity. While also acting as an example for others in a similar situation to copy, I dedicated my installations to my love for the sea and its inhabitants. The final artwork for the exhibition is a short film of my room in its transformation to an open ocean.

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In my thesis paper, titled Reconnecting to Nature through our Screens: How do different digital depictions of nature affect connectedness to nature and pro-environmental behavior?, I explored the potential benefits of digital nature experiences. In a survey study testing peoples' reactions to nature documentary scenes, I found that these digital experiences can act as a supplement to real nature interactions in increasing connectedness to nature as well as pro-environmental behavior. Read →


Solo Artist
Film Production
Video Editing


Far Away (Yet Still Here) (2021), Fondation Fiminco, Paris, France

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© Jonathan Riese 2021